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Fun888asia is the leading quality and reputable bookmaker in Thailand in particular and Asia in general. That is why the number of members participating in the FUN88 house is increasing day by day. So to start a business at FUN88, you need to create a member account for yourself. How to register for FUN88 is extremely simple, easy and fast. If you follow the instructions on how to create a FUN88 account below.
How to become a member of the FUN88 dealer
For new members when you want to participate in betting investment at the house FUN88. You need to follow the instructions on how to register for FUN88 that we suggest below.

Step 1: Select Join right after accessing the house
Members use the link to the latest FUN88 bookie and are not blocked. After accessing the homepage of the FUN88 dealer, please click on the “Join now” item. This item is designed with a green color placed in the top right corner of the screen interface.

Step 2: Add player’s personal information
A FUN88 account registration form is displayed. Players will have the task of filling in their personal information at the request of the house. This is an important step in how to register for FUN88, so please fill in the information correctly according to the following suggestions:
Username: Required to be written immediately without accents, containing 6-14 characters and must not be the same as other members.
Password: Requires writing without accents, includes 2-20 characters and should include special characters to improve the security of the account.
Phone number: Requires to enter your exact phone number when removing the leading zero.
Email: Request is the official email you are using.
Agent code: If an agent introduces you to FUN88, enter their ID here. Otherwise, skip it.
Step 3: Confirm successful FUN88 account registration
The player’s personal information after being filled in is correct and valid. Please click on “Register now” and if the FUN88 account is created successfully. You will get the message “Congratulations, you have successfully logged in”.

You can now click “Start Now” to start learning about the FUN88 bookie. If you know how to experience at FUN88, then skip this section. So how to register for FUN88 is not too difficult but extremely simple. If you follow our instructions, it will only take you about 3 minutes.

Log in and update your FUN88 account information
New members after successfully registering for a FUN88 account, you need to complete your profile information. That way you will have a valid account when betting at the FUN88 house.

Log in to FUN88
On the FUN88 dealer website interface, you move to the “Username”, “Password”, “Confirmation code” section that appears in the top right corner of the screen interface.
Here, you correctly fill in the information related to your FUN88 account. Then click on “Login” and you are done.
Upon successful login, you will see your FUN88 account name appear on the screen interface. At the same time, you will no longer see the 2 “Register/Sign In” features.

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